Working for QVT

Working with Quo Vadis Trust offers variety, the opportunity to undertake specialist training, and the chance to work with people with various mental health needs. Working as a member of one of our teams, and supporting people towards independent living, means you will be contributing to profound positive changes in people’s lives.

“I started out by working every other Sunday at Kent House, one of the Supporting People homes. And now I also work at Elmwood Lodge during the week. At Kent House I read the message book, and catch up on any live issues before carrying out a check on the clients, having a brief chat with each one to make sure they were fine. Most clients at Kent House like to have a long lie-in on Sundays, and in the afternoon some go out visiting friends and family. A few go out for a stroll and lunch, while others make brunch in one of the kitchens. They are fairly independent but sometimes we have to remind someone to keep the kitchen tidy. On the other hand, in Elmwood Lodge, clients need more support. A normal day there involves helping with cooking, cleaning, and helping clients wash and comb their hair. There is more opportunity to interact with the clients which I enjoy.”

LB, Relief Support Worker

Whilst we support and encourage staff to develop their expertise and gain qualifications, you do not need to have previously worked in the sector to build a career with us. The ability to show empathy with people from different backgrounds, your personal qualities and the ability to work in a non-judgemental way to motivate people to address what are often complex problems are what we seek in new staff.

“As a Relief Worker I work in supported housing units such as Adelaide Lodge, Holmesdale Lodge, Verdant Lane, Kent House. I work when shifts need to be covered. This requires me to be smart, to be consistent, to be polite and meet deadlines. I plan and prioritize my work load, diarise my daily tasks and make sure I carry out my daily task as appropriate as possible. The job allows me to use my initiative. I tend to be flexible. I work with different clients with different risk levels and this has helped me to learn how clients’ risk is managed. It gives me an opportunity to work with different staff and managers. I am happy that I am impacting lives positively and because I feel empathy it helps me treat clients just the way I would want to be treated. It makes me a strong team player.”

FO, Relief Support Worker

We are always keen to talk to suitably qualified people who would like to work for us as Relief Workers. As a Relief  Worker you will be called in to help out with a variety of work ranging from helping out at our residential home, to providing supervision in one of our schemes.

For more details, take a look at our Careers page.