Referral Procedure

QVT will accept referrals from the following sources:

  • Lewisham Borough

  • Croydon Borough

  • Direct Referral

What happens when a referral is received?

  • Upon receipt of referral the Panel at QVT will make a decision whether the client fits the criteria for supported Housing

  • The client and referral agent will be contacted by the Housing Manger to arrange assessment if the client is suitable within 2 days of receiving the referral

  • The Panel will interview the client based on the client’s need and referral criteria

  • Once a decision is made the Housing Manager will notify the referral agent or client the outcome of the interview within 2 working days.

  • When a client is accepted the Housing Manger will liaise with the client and referral agent regarding signing of Licence or Assured Shorthold Tenancy

  • The Panel will write assessment report highlighting client’s support needs, arrival date to staff at designated scheme

  • Staff will meet welcome client on the first day of arrival and arrange induction meetings

  • Referral Form