Living At QVT

QVT offer Supported Housing to approximately 140 people with mental health problems and complex needs across 16 Schemes in Lewisham & Croydon Boroughs. We work with our Clients to support them towards independent living. The majority of our referrals are received from the councils where our properties reside.

Lewisham Council: SHIP (Single Homeless Intervention & Prevention)

Croydon Council: SNAP (Support Needs Assessment & Placement Team)                                    Email:

At QVT we will also accept self referrals. Simply complete the attached form and return it to

QVT Direct Access Referral Form (DARF)

Your application will be reviewed by our Referral Panel, and if invited for an Interview Assessment, it will be an opportunity for both parties to ask questions of each other to discern whether you are suitable for our services.

Referral Criteria

In order to be considered for a placement at our accommodation, each Client must:

  • Be single and over 21 years of age

  • Client is able to self-medicate

  • Have recourse to public funds

  • Have a vulnerability which places the person at a disadvantage; whether it is a mental health issue, or other vulnerabilities due to personal circumstances

  • Be engaged with services or be willing to engage with services to promote wellbeing and reaching full potential

  • Willing to be referred and commit to services which will support with mental health issues, abstinence from drug / alcohol misuse/dependence and harm minimisation.

  • Be in receipt of one of the following benefits: Employment and Support Allowance, Incapacity Benefit or Income Support

  • Be eligible for housing benefit

  • Not have service charge arrears in current accommodation

  • Have a risk assessment level in relation to staff, other residents and neighbours that is low or medium

  • Be free of incidents of antisocial behaviour towards staff, other residents and property, for the last twelve months

  • Be able to maintain a clean, healthy and safe home and willing to maintain tidiness at all times

  • Be willing and able to share communal areas with other residents amicably

  • Be willing to engage in maintaining own garden space

  • Be willing to set up a standing order for service charge payments, or pay direct to the finance department located at head office, or pay directly to the designated QVT bank account