Our Chief Executive Officer – Ingrid Tennessee

It is an honour and a privilege to have been appointed as the new CEO of Quo Vadis Trust. I started the role on 3rd October.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Board and all those who have placed their trust and confidence in me to serve our beneficiaries.

Today, my message is clear, we are all here to serve and prioritise the ‘purpose’ of the organisation, which is the delivery of quality care and support to our clients. This renewed sense of purpose is what will guide every aspect of our practice. Undoubtedly, there will be many challenges facing us,  but together , with a ‘can do and positive approach’,  we will work to overcome these and embrace the opportunities available to us.

In the near future all providers like QVT will be facing the challenges of Housing Benefit being capped and the impact of centralised Local Authority funding. QVT is also operating in a crowded and very competitive market. This means we will have to be more efficient in the way we run ourselves and deliver our services. It also means we will have to professionalise and diversify our approaches, which is why I will be investing in our staff- QVT’s best asset! I will prioritise training, development and appraisals. These will be key in ensuring we have the right people in place to make a difference in what we do for our clients and stakeholders. Using a one team approach we are going to distinguish ourselves as a provider of choice, particularly in the area of supported mental health accommodation.