What We Do and Don’t

What our staff can offer:

  • A ‘can-do’ attitude to all clients and stakeholders
  • Graciousness, respect, kindness and willingness to work in partnership with the client at all times
  • Always ready to listen when asked to and signpost to where needed
  • Mutually agreed one to one meetings on a daily, weekly or bi weekly basis depending on personal needs
  • Work with clients to ensure that they have opportunities for activities, employment, social contacts
  • Mobile communications and internet access where possible/wished for
  • Maintenance of contact with clients’ other key workers and significant others
  • Safe and effectively maintained homes
  • Prompting and encouragement for clients to keep their homes clean and a pleasant environment for living
  • Appliances and furniture which are safe, properly maintained and in working order
  • Assistance with claiming welfare benefits, entitlements and liaison on clients’ behalf where necessary
  • Advice and support with tenancy sustainment
  • Advocacy for clients and a commitment to protection against safeguarding concerns
  • Arbitration for disputes between clients

Our Volunteers and Placements can help with:

  • Accompanying clients to appointments
  • Shopping and healthy eating choices
  • Supporting family contact
  • Sourcing and accessing complementary therapies
  • Facilitating Projects designed and researched by clients
  • Peer Group Sessions promoting social networks, sharing common challenges
  • Promoting and encouraging employment opportunities, CV writing and interview practice
  • Volunteering Buddy System-Training and Support for clients wanting to volunteer themselves to support clients

What is not provided by our staff in the Schemes:

  • Managing clients’ medication, monitoring or administering its consumption;
  • Providing personal care e.g. tending to personal hygiene, cooking, cleaning or shopping;
  • Provision of counselling or therapy.


Please note – the above does not apply to our residential home in Sidcup