Customer Information

Welcome to Quo Vadis Trust. We provide accommodation for people who experience  mental ill-health. Every house or block of flats has a Service Manager who will welcome you when you move in.  After you have unpacked they will show you around and tell you about health and safety and explain the house rules and agreements.  They will introduce you to other staff and residents. You will be informed you what support is available to you and the Service Manager will show you the facilities like the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry.You will also receive a copy of the User Guide which has lots of information relevant to your accommodation and the local area.  It is important that you are registered with a local GP .  So if you need to change your GP to one who is close by, staff will want you to arrange this quite early on and they will be able to help and support you in this.  All medications that you bring with you will also need to be recorded. We want you to enjoy your stay so if you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask. We also help our tenants to become as independent as they can, so if you need some advice on where to make certain purchases, how to budget or any thing else, please do not hesitate to speak to the Service Manager. Here is what one of our clients had to say about his stay with Quo Vadis.

Quo Vadis is a mental health charity that I recommend to anyone with mental health issues, they empathise with the client on a one to one basis and they empower service users to rehabilitate and to be active in the community. When I registered with Quo Vadis I was a bit sceptical (and believed) that they would not understand the life of a service user. I was expecting to be a victim of discrimination, however I was totally wrong. Quo Vadis saw my potential – that I could go back into the community. The staff members were excellent. I did not expect a continuity of open minded people. Quo Vadis took one step at a time and empathised with my needs. I find it rare to find people like minded. The staff nurtured me with care slowly to make me the man that I am today, the staff did regular assessments and supported my needs such as finances, medication, hygiene, cooking, cleaning and helped me find voluntary work. Over a period of time Quo Vadis has helped me to be independent in the community. I have now moved out of supported housing and I am living independently. Thank you Quo Vadis because you have made me change my life for the better”

My kind regards