Quo Vadis Trust is a provider of supported housing, care and support to people who have mental illness in South London. The organisation has evolved since it was founded in the 1990s and has been a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity since 2006.

We have 119 units of accommodation, in one bed and studio flats and shared houses, across 17 sites. We also have a registered home, with 10 units.

The majority of our tenants receive an enhanced supported housing service from our Wellness Housing Officers. We augment this with extra support from volunteers and peer supporters.

We also work with partners to ensure that our tenants have arrange of opportunities in the community.

In recent years, as statutory funding has dwindled, we have become adept in increasing our activities without requiring extra statutory funding. We have a staff team of around 45, and a turnover of £3 million, and we want to be sure that these resources are put to the best use in supporting our tenants – assisting them to fulfil their needs, wishes and aspirations.

Our services have never been needed more than they are now. We have established strong working relationships with partner organisations in our area. We are working with them to ensure that our services continue to be available to the community during a period of rapid change.

Our relationships with our main partner Local Authorities are sound and they appreciate the need to ensure that local people can access our housing and support.